Electric Peak is the tallest mountain in Yellowstone National Park.

When Thomas invited me to hike it with him a few years ago, I was willing but extremely nervous.  To spare you the details, I’ll just say my nerves began manifesting themselves in very physical ways.  I was afraid I wouldn't make it.

In exchange for a backcountry permit, Ranger Jim sat us down for the required "Bear Aware" VHS.


The ranger in the video said sometimes bears charge for real and sometimes they are just bluffing.  He said in rare cases, hikers should fight back to show they are not easy prey.


My mind saw this as a good opportunity to storyboard my life's docudrama for Bio.  As I started to trailing off, the ranger's warnings became smuffled by my own internal loop of catastrophe.


I knew if it came to it, I would have to disappoint Ranger Jim. Assuming child’s pose while singing “Jesus Take the Wheel” is more my style anyway.

But Thomas knew I could make it, and indeed I did.


The trip was unforgettable despite being fairly uneventful. The weather was great, we didn't forget anything, and our only animal encounter was with a mountain goat.


I think the experience has stuck with me because it forced me to finally acknowledge a fear I'd been too scared to admit—I was an anxiety-ridden perfectionist who frequently felt incapable.


That story fits into our story because Thomas was able to see ability in me I couldn’t see for myself and that life-giving perspective is what we hope to give others with the work we do.


Generally speaking though, most people don’t enjoy being on-screen. They reluctantly agree to interviews and walk away from the camera saying things like,

“Well, I hope there’s something in there you can use.”

When we’re able to change their minds with a video, we’ve feel like we’ve done our job well.

We love showing people how capable they are of telling a really great story.

*Our dear friend and camera guru has since moved away from Nashville—we miss him a lot!


Thomas is a decorated Life Scout who once fashioned waterproof booties out of plastic bags and knee-high socks to hike 10 miles out of a freak snowstorm.


I come from a long-line of costume makers and I’ve self-administered a double home perm.


We don’t mind sleeping outside, coaxing monkeys, or carrying babies on our backs if it means getting the shot.*

We are experienced problem solvers who enjoy challenges.

*All of which have actually occurred


All of the content on our site was created in-house, including our logo and the website itself.


Knowing our way around a variety of programs and cameras is necessary for the work we do, but if we’re being honest, we’re DIY types who enjoy geeking out about that stuff anyway.


Rest assured that the technical details of your project are well taken care of with us.

We put a tremendous amount of care into the work we do.

Making a living doing something you love can be tricky.  We’ve spent more time finessing passion projects than we can comfortably admit, but it’s just as easy for the weight of deadlines and professionalism to smother inspiration.


Authenticity keeps us balanced, but karaoke helps too.


If you're ever graced by a trip to Fran’s Eastside Tavern in East Nashville, there’s a good chance you’ll find us there belting our rendition of Dolly’s “9 to 5”.


We hope some of that whimsy finds it’s way into the things we create.


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